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Why the Ossii Bluetooth Glasses are the Perfect Open Ear Wireless Device

Wireless Bluetooth devices are widely used by several people for listening to music as it gives them freedom from wires. There are Bluetooth glasses from Ossii that come with polarized technology for protecting your eyes from the UV rays. These glasses also function as Bluetooth open ear device so that you can use them for listening to your favourite music. The glasses use Bone Conduction technology for sound transmission and hence, you can hear the sound through the vibration of your bones in the face.

Ossii is one of the reputed brands when it comes to making Bluetooth glasses. After many years of R&D, we have made a product that is an eyewear and also a wireless Bluetooth open ear device. Some of the special features of this device are mentioned below.

  • It is extremely comfortable, stylish and light-weight
  • We use latest Bluetooth technology that allows pairing of all kinds of devices
  • Our product is also sweat-proof and therefore, it can be used while working out or walking or playing any sport
  • It is adjustable, fashionable and very flexible to use
  • You can easily use them while driving as the Open Ear feature allow you to hear the sound from environment while listening to the music, thereby making the travel safer
  • The Bone Conduction Technology used in the glasses transmit the sound waves directly to the skull
  • The wireless Bluetooth free you from wires and also, allow you to receive incoming calls on the Bluetooth glasses
  • Polarized glasses help in protecting the eyes and offer a better view to your eyes

The Bluetooth glasses from Ossii are the world’s first universal Bone Conduction eyewear. These glasses support micro USB charging and last longer on a single charge. The frame of these glasses fit all the humans on this planet and it was a big challenge to develop it. However, our accomplished team of engineers and designers worked together and found a solution to make universal frame.

These glasses are so comfortable and easy to use that you will want to wear it again and again. You will feel like it is a part of you. It also comes with built-in Artificial Intelligence to track your eyes and prevent you from getting dozed off while driving. You can also use different gestures with your head to answer or reject the call. Overall, it is an ideal package for an ultimate experience.

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