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What Makes Ossii Bluetooth Device Better?

In our world where electronic media is ubiquitous and embedded electronics have become a part of our lives, Bluetooth devices serves as an excellent purpose to wirelessly transmit a relatively smaller amount of data at a speed quick as lightening, over a short range. Osii Bluetooth Devices offer you just the quality and the technology you deserve. What makes us special? We do not accept frame which do not fit the users and keep compressing their head! We have spent over a year to acquire a universally adjustable frame design development. Moreover, our Auto-Fit structure combines the titanium head bar, adjustable nose pad and temple tips. Osii Bluetooth Devices are the world’s first and only bone conduction eyewear for a perfect fit for every user. While you might find similar products in the market, be assured that they are of inferior quality and will inevitably fail to meet their claims.

Our product meets all the client requirements because they are made of high quality, sustainable material. Our product is the first interchangeable eyewear with bone conduction device. We have an exclusive patent design of interchangeable frame and electronic device. It takes just one second to take off the device and turn it into a fashionable eyewear. In addition, the bone conductor is movable on the temple, hence allowing 100% flexibility to reach the best hearing spot for each individual user.

By reaching the user’s most sensitive hearing spot, our Bluetooth devices have acquired the special ability to to deliver high sound quality as well as eliminating any sound leaking – hence prolonging the play time and using less power at the same time. That’s not all! The screw-free front rim changing of the three point locking technology allows vision optimization in any setting with different shapes, lenses and materials by themselves. For each set of the new eyewear, the user can choose 3 times the front rims with “blueblock” coated Zeiss lenses or polarized sun lenses. The user can take the frame to any up to standard clinic or optical shop for the prescription lenses fitting and dispensing.

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