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Get OSSII, a perfect fitting, truly wireless, open ear sound device on Kickstarter.

The OSSII sound device is where fit, fashion and functionality are perfectly intertwined. By combining truly wireless eyewear, featuring Zeiss lenses, with a superior Bluetooth open ear device, OSSII has made a comfortable, adjustable and fashionable device that combines audio fidelity with ergonomic flexibility.

The OSSII frame was developed to comfortably fit everyone on the planet. Featuring a universally adjustable frame design, OSSII eyewear eliminates pressure points and pinches caused by traditional eyewear. The patented AUTO-FIT system uses a combination of titanium head bar, adjustable nose pad and temple tips to deliver a perfect fit, superior sight and exceptional sound.

OSSII is the first interchangeable eyewear and bone conduction sound device. The adjustable conductor gives complete control over where conduction occurs allowing for the perfect placement and superior sound while eliminating sound leakage.  A tool-less front rim and three point locking system optimizes the user’s visual experience in any setting.  Ziess lenses  with “blueblock” coating or polarization come standard and frames are easily converted to prescription eyewear.

Listen while you hear. OSSII offers unmatched bone conduction sound and leaves user’s ears completely open to the surrounding environment. Enjoy music while still being alert to hazards. Listen to podcasts without feeling closed off from the world around you. OSSII sound allows users to tune in without tuning out.

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Fit. Function. Fashion.

The OSSII Story

A journey of sight, sound and style.

Ossii Sound started life in early 2016.  The team realized electronic devices had become a big part of daily life. There was a feeling amongst the group that life was too short to spend time focused on the small screens. The Ossii team challenged themselves to create a screen-free device that would allow anyone and everyone to spend more time enjoying the real world?

During the early stages of Ossii’s development the team heard about a truck driver who killed mother and three children while on mobile phone. After reading this news they team knew they could make the World a safer place. The continued to challenge themselves with product ideas that would allow users to be aware of the World around allowing people of every size and shape to hear their world with out sacrifcing awareness to one’s surroundings.

With this goal, the Ossii team formed a startup and invested two years into research and development. for the product development. From this effort the world’s first truly universal, truly wireless, open ear, bone conduction sound and eyewear device was born.

Experience unparalleled site, sound and style.

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The OSSII Story 

We are a startup company that initiated this project in 2016 after years of research. Our dedicated team…

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